Explore these No-Code tools to build the product you always dreamed of
Beginner's guide to understanding APIs, how it works and its benefits

August 2021

How to create a system for planning, implementing and tracking of the OKRs in the team
Hello to my lovely subscribers, I hope you all are doing well and are having an amazing start to your week! Some of you might have noticed, the…
Understanding the basics of the OKR framework and why it can be a game changer for the organization
Best technique I came across to prioritize our own tasks to provide highest Impact and value to our customers and the product.

July 2021

Understanding from logical standpoint, do we really need a MBA degree for an early PM roles

June 2021

Nailing down the skill of stakeholder management early on in your product career can really facilitate your growth as a Product Manager

May 2021

Framework to find your Product-Market fit for your product or feature sooner!!
Practical advice from my recent experience so that you can have smooth transition into PM role